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Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

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Then I wondered how long I had to live, I tried to examine myself, I felt my pulse, I could not at first feel any pulse at all, Then, all of a sudden, it seemed to start off, I pulled out my watch and timed it, I made it a hundred and forty- seven to the minute, I tried to feel my heart, I could not feel my heart, It had stopped beating, I have since been induced to come to the opinion that it must have been there all the time, and must have been beating, but I cannot account for it, I patted myself all over my front, from what I call my waist up to my head, and I went a bit round each side, and a little way up the back, But I could not feel or hear anything, I tried to look at my tongue, I stuck it out as far as ever it would go, and I shut one eye, and tried to examine it with the other, I could only see the tip, and the only thing that I could gain from that was to feel more certain than before that I had scarlet fever,

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Jerome Klapka Jerome

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