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Jerry of the Islands

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Not until Mister Haggin abruptly picked him up under one arm and stepped into the sternsheets of the waiting whaleboat, did Jerry dream that anything untoward was to happen to him, Mister Haggin was Jerry’s beloved master, and had been his beloved master for the six months of Jerry’s life, Jerry did not know Mister Haggin as master, for master had no place in Jerry’s vocabulary, Jerry being a smoothcoated, golden-sorrel Irish terrier, But in Jerry’s vocabulary, Mister Haggin possessed all the definiteness of sound and meaning that the word master possesses in the vocabularies of humans in relation to their dogs, Mister Haggin was the sound Jerry had always heard uttered by Bob, the clerk, and by Derby, the foreman on the plantation, when they addressed his master, Also, Jerry had always heard the rare visiting two-legged mancreatures such as came on the Arangi, address his master as Mister Haggin,

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Platanus Publishing


Jack London

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