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Chaldea; From Of The Earlıest Times to the Rise of Assyria

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In or about the year before Christ 606, Nineveh, the great city, was destroyed, For many hundred
years had she stood in arrogant splendor, her palaces towering above the Tigris and mirrored in its
swift waters; army after army had gone forth from her gates and returned laden with the spoils of
conquered countries; her monarchs had ridden to the high place of sacrifice in chariots drawn by
captive kings, But her time came at last, The nations assembled and encompassed her around,
Popular tradition tells how over two years lasted the siege; how the very river rose and battered her
walls; till one day a vast flame rose up to heaven; how the last of a mighty line of kings, too proud to
surrender, thus saved himself, his treasures and his capital from the shame of bondage, Never was
city to rise again where Nineveh had been,

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