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A Young Girl’s Diary

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August 12th, I can’t write every day for I spend most of my time with the Warths, Oswald can’t stand Robert, he says he is a cad and a greenhorn, What vulgar phrases, For three days I haven’t spoken to Oswald except when I really had to, When I told Erna and Liesel about it, they said that brothers were always rude to their sisters, I said, I should like to know why, Besides, Robert is generally very nice to his sisters, They said, Yes before you, because he’s on his best behaviour with you, Yesterday we laughed like anything when he told us what fun the boys make of their masters, That story about the cigarette ends was screamingly funny, They have a society called T, Au, M,, that is in Latin Be Silent or Die in initial letters, No one may betray the society’s secrets, and when they make a new member he has to strip off all his clothes and lie down naked and every one spits on his chest and rubs it and says: Be One of Us, but all in Latin,

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