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501 English Verbs Language Guides

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Fully conjugated in all the tenses in an easy – to – learn format alphabetically arranged Learning English is Twice as Easy with This Helpful 2-in-1 Combination! The easy -to – use reference book givey you: – The 501 most commo English verbs, alphabetically arranged, and conjugated in all tenses an moods – Principal parts listed for all 501 verbs – Auxiliary verbs – have, be, do – and their uses – Common examples of phrasal verbs – 550 problem verbs and their principal parts – 501 Verb Drills and Exercises – Index to the verbs, including irregular forms The bonus CD-ROM gives you: – Practice exercises in verb conjugation with answers – A review of English grammar A valuable quick-reference source for ESL students and all students of English grammar

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Thomas R, Beyer

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